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Use of cookies on the Demex.se website
Cookies are used on our internet pages. Cookies are small text files containing information which are downloaded to your computer. They collect information about your visits to the Demex.se website. These cookies help us to improve the functionality of our website and provide relevant, topical information on the services and benefits we offer.
Cookies do not collect information that identifies visitors. Cookies do not compromise the security of your computer, nor do they spread viruses or malware.

Types of cookies
Session cookies: Keep track of whether you are logged on to our website and to customize site content based on your previous selections.
Statistics cookies: Used to measure traffic and browsing behaviors.
Third-party cookies: Buttons on our website enables you to share content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). Our advertising partners (Google Ad Services) use cookies and pixel tags to identify to which partner site you came, so that we can optimize marketing costs. These services put 3rd party cookies on our website. In many browsers you can choose to turn off the right 3rd party cookies.

How do we use the information collected by cookies?
The information gathered through cookies is used to enhance the functionality of our website and to offer relevant information to our customers.
With the help of cookies, the web analytics system used by Demex.se gathers information such as which of our pages are the most popular and how long visitors stay on the site. We use analytics in order to make our webpages more user-friendly and to improve the contents offered on the pages.
Cookies also collect so-called personalised information in order to identify the pages a customer has visited. This information is used for targeted advertising in order to provide customers with relevant and important information. We do not give out collected data to third parties. If we use subcontractors for data processing, they will only use the data collected for the purposes that we have specified.

Targeted advertising based on cookies – how does it work?
An advertising page identifies a cookie and displays an ad with a content that, on the basis of the webpages that the customer has visited earlier, is of topical interest to the customer. When, for example, a customer has visited the Paternity Allowance pages, additional information on how to claim Paternity Allowance will be displayed in an ad when the customer visits an advertising page.
By using targeted advertising we are able to inform our customers about things that are topical and relevant to them.All our ads are not based on cookies. Some of them are displayed on advertising pages without cookies being used. Consequently, you may see the abovementioned Paternity Allowance ad even if you have not visited any of our webpages.

How can customers prevent the use of cookies?

If you don’t change your browser settings and continue to use our site, we will assume that you consent to us continuing to download cookies onto your device.

Whether or not you allow us to download cookies is up to you, but if you choose to disable cookies by changing your Browser Settings, our Website and its features may not necessarily work in the same way or produce the same personalised experience. If you delete all of your cookies, you will have to update your preferences with us again. If you use a different device, computer profile or browser you will have to tell us your preferences again.

You can find more information about cookies at: www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu